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It’s still Her 1 Movement 

Ah yes! Hello All 🙂 The journey has been incredible and just about a year later it’s only getting better. A lot has happened. Some good and some not so … Continue reading

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Wise Words

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My new journey

Life is a beautiful nightmare! What a way to start this post you’re probably thinking lol. The truth is this phrase is actually true. Life is indeed full of pain … Continue reading

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When you can do nothing else…


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Morning Mantra to live by

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Empty the trash!

Junk, junk and more junk! How much baggage are you carrying around? Honestly, stop and ask yourself that question and you’ll be surprised what you come up with. The quote … Continue reading

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Be open to life!

Happy Monday beautiful people! I know, I know it’s always a bit difficult to come back to work BUT we must think positive! Some of us woke up with air … Continue reading

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Dare to be great!

  Happy Friday! 

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Thankful Thursday…

Why do we take things for granted? I know it’s early and the last thing we all want to do is be deep in thought. However, people think about it. … Continue reading

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Practice or Preach?

Humpday! We’re almost there people. Only two more days to go :D! I had an interesting start to my morning and an interesting conversation that clung to my mental. We … Continue reading

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